Pushead Shift Knob And Giclee Set October 25, 2012

Magnetic Update October 22, 2012
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The Metallica Club shift knob series continues with an all new Pushead line! Coming this Halloween October 31st at 1:00 PM PT to the MetStore. We celebrate Pushead’s modern “Damage, Inc.” artwork created just for the Fillmore shows in 2011. The series will be limited to the four colors in order of the shows (green, yellow, silver and red). Each knob is limited to 79 pieces per color and comes with a giclee art print signed and numbered by Pushead. But plan your purchase carefully! You will only be able to purchase one knob per member, regardless of color. That means, if you buy a Green Knob, you will NOT be able to purchase a Yellow, Silver, or Red knob… so choose wisely. We would like to be sure we get as many of these knobs into collectors’ hands as possible. This item is very limited, and very cool. We think the pictures speak for themselves! Good luck!